Monthly Archives: October 2011

Being honest or being negative?

“Because he came Up with his own idea and made millions and you……….are as normal as the rest of us I’m afraid”

I recently got this from a friend as a facebook comment, this was in response to a video I posted featuring Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford University.  The point I made was, he had a vision and a profound way of looking at things and that we all have that ability to be great in whatever we choose.  I guess I went on some kind of rant after that comment with an ensuing comment, basically when I have different view, ideas and thoughts they’re considered foolish, daft, madness…well you get the point.  The opening statement in this post was in response to my comment.  Now I’m not for one minute suggesting I’m Steve Jobs, far from it, but I’m truly inspired by people who have this kind of outlook of things and we can all choose to be whoever we want to be and not live our lives though the eyes, hopes and beliefs of others.

The video from his speech is below, it’s around 15 minutes long, but well worth it.

For now, god speed and take it easy.